Halloween With The Groove Thief

Killer vibes here on the most eclectic set we’ve hosted yet: a private Halloween session!

Our selector, The Groove Thief, takes on All Hallows Eve in his inimitably eclectic style. “Halloween With The Groove Thief” is packed with all those jams you crave, plus plenty of gems you’re going to need to track down. You’ve never heard Halloween like this!

This was a special request for a private event, something we take pride in arranging. Whether for a birthday, holiday, or an epic night in the making, we’d love to be a part of it. We’d be happy to make an upcoming event special for you and yours, hit the Contact link above┬áto get in touch!

Recorded live, using Pioneer CDJs and mixer, on Pomegranate Hi Fi on October 28, 2017, at an Oktoberfest-themed Halloween party with some close friends – hence the banter :-). Special thanks to the hostess Dr. Z for the pic!

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